Discovering Neuropsychology

Discovering Neuropsychology

Discovering Neuropsychology aims to establish a bridging concept between neurology and psychology, and we promote this in our...

Where do the brain and mind meet, and by what means do they interact? How does the brain react to trauma and heal with psychotherapeutic intervention? These are interesting questions, and yet most academics ignore them. The popular choice is to focus on either the brain or the mind. The problem with this approach is that it creates a barrier to understanding what is essentially a unified process.

Our training offers practitioners the opportunity to increase their understanding of the developing and healing brain.

Introductory Courses look at the structure and function of the brain and how it adapts in relation to attachment, anxiety, and trauma.

The Advanced Courses are for those interested in childhood anxiety, understanding adolescence, the relationship between stress and psychosis, addiction, the effects of ageing, the bereavement process and the brain.

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